A$AP Rocky found the “Fine Whine” beat by typing “A$AP Rocky type beat” on YouTube

A$AP Rocky revealed in an interview with Ebro In The Morning Show on Hot 97 that he discovered the beat for “Fine Whine” from his 2015 album At.Long.Last.A$AP by searching “A$AP Rocky type beat” on YouTube. A$AP Rocky appeared on the Ebro In The Morning Show with collaborator Joe Fox (who is featured on “Fine White”) to talk about the album and more.

“‘Fine Whine’ was something that I typed on the Internet. I typed my name, ‘A$AP Rocky type beat,'” stated the A$AP Mob frontman. “We left the studio, went to the hotel in the morning. I typed that in, found it, and I said, ‘This beat is crazy.’ Took it to the studio, recorded it.” – A$AP Rocky

Rocky doesn’t remember what the beat was named at the time he found it, but once he found the song, he had THC co-produce the final version. The final version on album features Joe Fox, M.I.A., and Future.

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