Hitmaka discusses how he lied his way to a major label A&R job


Hitmaka recalls how lying on The Breakfast Club earned him Atlantic Records job

believes lies can help one propell their career to the next level, because it has worked for him in the past. During a recent conversation with , the producer recounted how he fibbed on The Breakfast Club and ended up getting a $500k-a-year job at .

“My mentor is Ryan Press, who's the head of Warner Chappell,” he began. “I literally went on The Breakfast Club and lied. They let me do an interview at The Breakfast Club after I had these placements.

“I went in the interview and went, ‘Yo, I swear these labels tryna hire me as an A&R, too. Not only am I making these records, they wanna hire me in these offices as an A&R.

“Charlamagne was like, ‘Oh, for real?,' kinda threw a little sauce on it. The next day, my man Ryan hit me and was like, ‘Yo, you was serious about that?' I'm like, ‘Yeah.' He like, ‘Yo, when you get back to L.A. I wanna take you to meet Craig and Julie. Y'all should do a meeting.”

He added, “I just told them the real shit. I'm on ground, I'm actually making these records, what better situation to have the guy that — I'm the next lineage. You guys believed in Irv Gotti, you believed in all these different people that had their subsidiaries that were producers and executives at the same time.

“That's the space I need to be in … From there I became the vice president of A&R from Atlantic Records … I think I was getting paid about half a million dollars a year.”

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