The Cold Crush Brothers vs. The Fantastic 5 was the first rap battle

The Cold Crush Brothers Vs The Fantastic 5 was the first rap battle

On the night of July 3, 1981, Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Five battled at Harlem World, making their battle the first rap battle recorded. A grand prize of $1,000 brought the Cold Crush Brothers head to head with the Fantastic 5 for hip-hop’s supremacy. the Cold Crush Brothers at the time were known as “The Rolling Stones of hip hop” and consisted of DJ Charlie Chase, DJ Tony Tone, Grandmaster Caz, Almighty K.G., J.D.L., and Easy A.D. Meanwhile The Fantastic 5, consisted of the inventor of the scratch—DJ Grand Wizard Theodore, Mean Gene, DJ Cordio, MC Smiley, Kevie Kev, Busy Bee, Dot-A-Rock, Master Rob, and Whipper Whip. 

Judging off the crowd’s applause, The Fantastic Five won the 1981 battle and received the cash prize but the Cold Crush Brothers won the war. After controversy begun when the significant battle tape roamed the streets, people declared the Cold Crush Brothers winners of the 1981 Harlem World rap battle which made the Cold Crush Brothers known as the best hip-hop group at the time.

The Cold Crush Brothers were featured in the 1982 movie Wild Style. They started releasing records commercially and released their first single “Weekend” with Elite Records in the fall of 1982.

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