Blank Vinyls: A Vinyl Coloring Book


Blank Vinyls: A Vinyl Coloring Book

A vinyl coloring book featuring a wide variety of blank Vinyls. All you vinyl lovers are going to enjoy relieving stress with this book. 50 different vinyls to be exact. A good gift for the vinyl lover in your life.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM! (Ships out December 10th, 2021)

  • All ages
  • 100% recycled white paper
  • A5 size
  • Shrink wrapped
  • ISBN 9781736096902
  • W5.5″ x D0.78″ x L8.5″
  • Ships out December 10th, 2021
  • ON SALE December 15th, 2021

IMPORTANT: Please note that colored pencils and crayons work best, markers and some felt tip pens may bleed through depending on how hard you are coloring.