What is a “Redbone”?


What is a “”? and What does “Redbone” mean?

Many artists in the past decade have used the term “Redbone” when referring to a woman. But what actually is a ‘Redbone'? and Where does it come from?

The term “Redbone” originated in Louisiana as a Cajun term for a mixed-race woman, was one of the first big time rappers to popularize the term.

Lil Wayne is a rapper who has used this slang term many times on many different occasions. But his most popular time using this term has to be from his 2012 song ‘No Worries‘, when he exclaims “You see p*ssy right there, Redbone mangos right there.”

A ‘Redbone' refers to a very attractive light skin woman.

Turns out a ‘Redbone' refers to a very attractive woman whom has red undertones in her hair and skin. Usually light or light caramel. So redbones do not have full African American black skin, but more the color of caramel. So when Wayne says “Redbone mangos right there” , he is referring to an attractive caramel colored woman with nice mangos (breasts).

Difference between a Redbone and Yellowbone?

In relation, the term ‘' falls under the same category of an attractive lighter skinned woman. However, Yellowbone is considered the lightest type of light skinned black female, far lighter than a redbone.

The term “Redbone” has been used by Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, , The Game, Frank Ocean and many more.

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