Santa Durag


Santa Claus Durag (In partnership with Wear Holiday)

  • Orders placed before noon are shipped same day
  • Limited
  • Silky/Polyester blend
  • 100% Faux Rabbit Fur Top
  • One Size Fits All
  • Red in Color
  • Imported

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Product Description

When Santa Claus is coming to the city, we know what he’s wearing….. A Santa Durag! A durag for all occasions but most importantly the Christmas season. Wear Holiday is a fashion company specializing in Holiday Wear. The Santa Durag is one of their Christmas pieces.

(In partnership with Wear Holiday)

  • Orders places before 12am are shipped same day!
  • Limited
  • Silky/polyester blend
  • 100% faux fur top
  • One size
  • Red color
  • Imported