What is pgLang? Kendrick Lamar & Dave Free’s new venture


March 5, . world started hearing about pgLang after posted a tweet with their promo video. So, What is pgLang?

Baby Keem was the first, then later Kendrick Lamar deleted all his instagram posts to post as row of 3 pgLang promotion pictures including their logo.

and have launched a company called pgLang. A multi-lingual, at service company to creators. They're focused on cultivating raw expression from grassroots partnerships. Kendrick Lamar describes it as “Selfless. Reset. “They say: “It is not a ‘record label,' a ‘movie studio,' or a ‘publishing house.' This is something new.”

Baby Keem, who is a partner with pgLang, says, “Astronaut ideas. That is what I call the shit that I know I want but that stand alone. You know? Like, not everything has to ‘make sense' to me in a rational way. This is how my mind stays fresh…”

Visit pgLang's website to learn more.

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