Lupe Fiasco has a black belt in Karate


Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco grew up in Martial Arts, his father was a Martial Arts teacher in Chicago, where Lupe would grow up and fall in love with Karate, to the point he earned himself a belt.

During a 2008 interview with methodshop, revealed that he has “a black belt in karate, two black belts in the styles of samurai sword fighting, kendo and aido” as well as “the equivalent of a black belt in Chinese wushu.”

Fiasco is such a fan of Martial Arts, he named one of his companies “Righteous Kung-Fu,” a brand that does fashion design, sneakers, toys, video games, comic books and more. He also once revealed on Facebook that his family is “three generations deep in the martial arts” and they have 5 Karate schools in Chicago.

Evidence of Lupe's love for martial arts is found throughout his Instagram, watch a video of Lupe Fiasco practicing below.

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The nature of things is that the sword already knows how to cut, cutting is a swords fundamental purpose, but it has no direction and thus lies dormant most its life. A man may have direction, many in fact, but may be disconnected from or unaware of his fundamental purpose and thus is wild. He may move here and there with great fanfare and speed but because a fundamental purpose is buried this movement just amounts to a kind of tourism and no trace of his positive presence is left on any of his destinations. He can be considered to be active but fragile. Existing but empty. Once a sword is given direction it comes alive with its fundamental purpose, to cut. Even if the handler of the sword is inexperienced, because the purpose of the swords existence is so profoundly central to its being it will still cut however crooked. When a mans' purpose is profoundly decentralized because of ego or pride, lusts or vanities, selfishness or stupidity, greed or anger he will still exist biologically but his spiritual condition will be dormant. He will be a movie without a plot or a book without words. Mans role in swordplay is to direct the blade in such a manner that it's fundamental natural purpose is fully realized by giving the sword optimal directions that do not undermine its nature. Love is no different. Love is a sword. In loveplay the handlers role is to allow love to fulfill its fundamental nature (protection) by giving it the most optimal and kind directions. A sword will cut but if it is made to cut stone it will chip and become ruined. If given bad direction even when cutting something soft the swords can bend and disfigure or become trapped inside of a target. Misdirection leads to ones fundamental purpose being destroyed by trying to extract that same fundamental purpose incorrectly. Handle love with care. ❤️ Handle yourselves with care and kindness. Kindness means to be similar. Man has so many layers not so that he can be different and isolated but so that he can be in kind with whatever situation presents itself. It is why we are so adaptable, so that connections can be made regardless of the differences. #iaido

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Lupe Fiasco has a black belt in Karate

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