21 Savage self-produced his hit song “Bank Account”


's “Bank Account” off his 2017 debut studio album Issa Album was self-produced by Savage himself.

Released on July 7, 2017, The beat for Bank Account is the only song on the album self-produced by 21 Savage himself, The song sampled sounds from Coleridge-Taylor Pexrkinon's 1974 “Flashbulbs.” which Travis Scott also sampled on “Oh My Dis Side” featuring Quavo on Rodeo.

21 Savage revealed in a 2017 episode with Complex's Everyday Struggle, the beat was produced by him alone with a little help by Metro Boomin. ““Bank Account” was just straight me. Metro just dragged it out to make it long enough for me to on and added the little pauses in the beat and bringing the beat back. But the melody, the bass, the sample, the hi-hat; I did all that shit.” – 21 Savage.

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