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Fat Joe passed on the beat for 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop”


 had the beat for one of 's most popular song “Candy Shop,” way before 50 Cent did. sent Fat Joe the Candy Shop beat and he passed on it because he didn't want to replicate his big commercial hit ‘Lean Back'.

While Fat Joe was sitting on the beat, Scott Storch called and asked, “Yo, you sure you don't want to use it? 50 Cent called me. 50 Cent want it.” Fat Joe told Scott to go ahead and give it to 50 Cent. The beat then went to 50 Cent and Candy Shop appeared on his sophomore album, The Massacre.

In 2010, Scott Storch revealed he originally made the Candy Shop beat in the studio with Fat Joe, and he had the beat first.

“There was a beat that I did with Fat Joe, I made [it] in front of him and I was telling him, ‘This is a hit record.' Even his wife, Lorena, she was there in the studio saying, ‘Joey, this is kind of a hot record.' But he said, ‘No, this doesn't sound like a hit.' Maybe eight months later, I remember him and his wife again sitting in my studio and she was like, ‘I told you! I told you it was a hit.'” Storch told SKEE TV.

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