Jay-Z recorded an unreleased diss track for 2Pac

Jay-Z recorded an unreleased diss track for 2Pac

Jay-Z recorded a diss record for 2Pac in 1996, and it was about to be released then Tupac passed away. Jay held on to the diss record as a sign of respect for 2Pac.

According to Jay-Z’s longtime producer DJ Clark Kent, Jay-Z actually recorded a 2Pac diss and he even performed it once at The Apollo.

DJ Clark Kent revealed this during an interview with A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal saying: “Jay did a record going at Pac but right as it was about to go out, son died. We performed it once. We was at the Apollo. the chip on Jay’s shoulder is so crazy that he had to perform it. It was…scathing. Crowds was like, oh shit.

“It was super hard. It was super hard. If he was alive, there would have been no coming back…This was so tough. To me, it probably was one of the hardest dis records I’ve ever heard.” DJ Clark Kent added.

During the beef, Pac stood at the frontline going in on everybody he thought was an enemy to Death Row Records. Didn’t matter if it was Nas, Dre, Biggie – if he suspected you were against him, he had no problems calling you out.

Listen to the full interview with DJ Clark Kent below:

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