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Childish Gambino recorded parts of ‘Because The Internet’ on an iPhone


Childish Gambino (also known as ), recorded parts of his 2013 sophomore album ‘Because ' on an iPhone. The album cuts “Flight of the Navigator,” ”Worldstar,” & “Telegraph Ave” all feature recordings from his iPhone.

According to 's producer Ludwig Göransson, who made some verified annotations on the lyric website Genius, half of the vocals on “Flight of the Navigator,” were recorded on an iPhone saying: “ sang a melody into his iPhone, in fact all the vocals on the first half of the song are sung into his iPhone.”

Ludwig then revealed that on the albums second cut “Worldstar,” the tick used as a percussion is Ableton's metronome recorded with an iPhone saying: “We needed something really hard and we came up with an idea to make a beat based on the metronome. I recorded Ableton's click on my iPhone and then put a bunch of different [effects] on it.”

Lastly Göransson revealed on “Telegraph Ave,” Childish Gambino recorded the melody on his iPhone saying: “That vocal line gave it a very [indie] vibe, which was interesting, because the other sounds I use in the chorus are a bit more commercial and 2013 production sounding,”

‘Because The Internet' was released on December 10, 2013 and peaked at No. 7 on the 200 charts.

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