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DJ Khaled’s first rap name was Arab Attack

DJ Khaled’s original moniker was “Arab Attack” but he had to change it after 9/11.

Before Khaled Mohamed Khaled was known as DJ Khaled, he went by his first moniker Arab Attack.

DJ Khaled revealed this in a 2008 interview, when asked about his former moniker and why he dropped it; “I dropped it because, after the whole 9/11 thing, you know I’m not one of those ignorant people. I’m a positive person. “Arab Attack” was mainly used for music, like we attack you with music, but when 9/11 happened, I said, you know what, I’m not gonna use that name no more. It wasn’t respectful to the people that went through some stuff.” DJ Khaled told Heeb Magazine.

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DJ Khaled’s first rap name was Arab Attack