6LACK Shares ‘6 PC Hot’ EP


comes through with 6 new tracks

“Peace of mind and peace for mine,” as 6LACK said in an Instagram post, celebrating his 28th birthday. 6LACK, who was born in Baltimore but made his way to Atlanta in 1997, has a huge piece of engrained in his and soul.

6LACK's writing and vocals has catapulted him into a unique class. We're four years removed from his project, FREE 6LACK and the progression is notable, every step of the way. His 14-track offering of East Atlanta Love Letter was another showing of his love for the city. As time pushes forward, 6LACK continues to thrive with his music and his approach to the .

6 PC Hot is another offering that lifts 6LACK's presence and skill. The only feature on the extended play is .

Check out the project below:

6 PC Hot tracklist:

  1. ATL Freestyle
  2. Long Nights
  3. Float
  4. Know My Rights (feat. Lil Baby)
  5. Elephant In The Room
  6. Outside

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