What does “OG” mean?


What does it mean to call someone or something “OG”? and What is an “OG”?

The term and slang “OG” or “O.G.” is a noun which originated in Los Angeles, California, circa the '. The word was re-popularized by Ice-T when he released his 1991 album OG Original Gangster.

OG means and stands for original gangster. An OG is someone who has been around, a knowledgeable old school gangster.

Nowadays, OG is used to mean original.

LA group coined “OG Kush” as a name for a strain of weed in the '.

The term “OG” has been used by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Maxo Kream, A$AP Rocky, OG Maco, Cypress Hill, Que, and many more rappers.

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