What does “OG” mean?

What does “OG” mean?

What does it mean to call someone or something “OG”? and What is an “OG”?

The term and slang “OG” or “O.G.” is a noun which originated in Los Angeles, California, circa the ’70s. The word was re-popularized by Ice-T when he released his 1991 album OG Original Gangster.

OG means and stands for original gangster. An OG is someone who has been around, a knowledgeable old school gangster.

Nowadays, OG is used to mean original.

LA rap group Cypress Hill coined “OG Kush” as a name for a strain of weed in the ’90s.

The term “OG” has been used by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Maxo Kream, A$AP Rocky, OG Maco, Cypress Hill, Que, and many more rappers.

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