What does “Demon Time” mean?

What does “Demon Time” mean?

What is a “Demon”? and what is “Demon Time”?

The slang term and phrase “Demon Time” is a noun, which was popularized during the 2020 coronavirus quarantine. Demon Time refers to two meanings. Before the covid-19 pandemic, the phrase “Demon Time” was coined by Fivio Foreign.

“You can be on demon time for anything, like being on demon time with the pussy. You can be on demon time with, I mean anything” – Fivio Foreign.

Demon Time is anytime past 10pm when fuckery happens.

Demon Time then became even more popular after the closure of strip clubs due to the coronavirus pandemic and it became a phrase for naughty Instagram live streams.

Demon Time was hosted by former professional basketball player, Justin LaBoy and Diddy‘s son, Justin Comb. Strippers and sex workers who were out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic can perform on Instagram Live, mostly wearing masks to remain anonymous, for money via Cash App—Some making more than $4,000 a night.

During this live streams the purple emoji was frequently being used and it became the emoji for Demon Time. Seeing the purple emoji meant it was Demon Time.

A demon is a stripper.

Demon Time refers to the virtual strip club during late-night Instagram Live.

“Hips Tik-Tok when I dance / On that demon time, she might start an OnlyFans.”- Beyonce on ‘Savage Remix’

The slang term “Demon Time” has been used by Beyonce, The Weeknd, Fivio Foreign, Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion, Meek Mill, and many more rappers.

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