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Rappers in Movies – 5 Busta Rhymes acting performances

Busta Rhymes was one of the ’90s rap stars able to successfully cross over to acting in movies. He’s done voice work on Rugrats and The Boondocks off-screen. His music videos have always been cinematic and his charisma carries through well on camera. Here are 5 of his best acting performances in movies.

Halloween: Resurrection

It got really scary with Tyra Banks and Jamie Lee-Curtis in this slasher sequel.

Higher Learning

Tyra and Bussa-Bus starred alongside Omar Epps, Ice Cube, and others in this John Singleton drama.

Who’s the Man?

Dr. Dre and Ed Lover put on for hip hop in this classic flick. Busta Rhymes came through.


This Samuel L. Jackson reboot of the classic blaxploitation movie starred Busta Rhymes in a supporting role.

Finding Forrester

This Sean Connery drama earned high praise from critics and Busta played Terrell, a supporting character.