What does “Stick Talk” mean?

What do rappers mean by “Stick Talk”? What is a “Stick Talk”?

The term and slang “Stick Talk” is a noun, which was popularized in Atlanta, Georgia. The term “Stick Talk” was coined by Future when he released “Stick Talk” in 2015, off his album Dirty Sprite 2 (DS2). Stick Talk has two meanings.

1. Stick Talk means making gun threats to or at someone.

2. Stick Talk means gun fire.

A stick means a gun and when a gun is talking it is firing bullets.

The term “Stick Talk” has been used by Future, Stunna 4 Vegas, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Ab-Soul, JID, Lil Gotit, Trouble, Preme and many more rappers.

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