G Herbo launches mental health program for disadvantaged black communities


is providing therapy and other resources to underserved youth

“You're used to it,” G Herbo said upon speaking on the subject of PTSD, during a mental health panel event with Audiomack. Herbo, who grew up in Chicago — South Shore — isn't a stranger to violence, and the worst: homicides. By the time he was 16, his body was inked with those who are no longer physically here. He was diagnosed with PTSD and says that majority of the people that come from where he's from experience PTSD, they're just under the belief that it's normal.

G Hero has announced he's launching a new mental health initiative, called “Swervin' Through Stress: Tools to Help Black Youth Navigate Mental Wellness. The direction of the program is to assist underserved black communities have access to therapy, hotlines and other resources.

“Swervin' Through Stress is a project I put together to put 150 kids through therapy,” he mentions to the Chicago Reader. “At their age, you never know how critical it can be to have someone to talk to—to have someone help you better yourself and your situation.”

 12-week therapy sessions to Black youth ages 18 through 25 will be provided on the program's behalf. Herbo's program has partnered with NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Health) to create a hotline for anyone that needs help from a professional. This line (844-457-PTSD (7873) will be available Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm CST. Emergency help from NAMI is provided 24/7, by texting “NAMI” to 741741.

“I understood at an early age that even though my story is significant in its own way, other people could relate to it. But I was never motivated to be a voice [on PTSD] or a key focal point until I recognized I actually became a product of it. That was a direct result of being in the streets, losing people close to me.”

Herbo's PTSD album is most vulnerable work yet. Herbo continues to be a shining example of how not to only be successful, but what positive you can do with your platform.

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