Twitter permanently suspended Talib Kweli


One thing Talib Kweli has always done is make time to deal with trolls on . He's well-educated and respected by many as a thoughtful artist and leader in the community. However, according to Jezebel, the rapper was obsessively tweeting a Black woman activist named Maya Moody and it eventually cost him his blue check. He got kicked off the platform for “repeated violations of Twitter rules.”

This is the exchange that started it all.

Moody reported Kweli for harassment weeks ago but her efforts went unanswered until recently. In response, Kweli stated, “I responded… to the lies that Maya posted about me. When you respond to someone who posts lies about you, that is not harassment.” Apparently, Twitter felt differently. Kweli was recently put on blast by Jaguar Wright as well. The conversation revolves around the vulnerability of Black women in both public and virtual spaces.

Kweli and Forté

Talib Kweli and Refugee Camp All-Stars member John Forté both went to boarding school and were roommates at NYU

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