Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion release “WAP” single

Cardi and Meg come together for “WAP”

Despite the turmoil and traumatic experiences that have occurred, Megan Thee Stallion continues her push to dominance, dropping new “WAP” single with Cardi B.

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“WAP” is produced by Ayo N Keyz, founders of the UPPERCLASSMEN Music Group (UCMG). UCMG is behind a lot of music. From managing, producing and producing, UCMG is a powerhouse we’ll be seeing a lot from, so get familiar, ahead of time. Ayo N Keyz sample Frank Ski’s “There’s Some Whores in This House

Although Meg’s showing bravery, strength and courage, it shouldn’t be a reason to look at her and/or her situation and see a black woman who doesn’t need care; nothing about her situation is light and there’s heavy pain that comes from these experiences.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram Live video of her breaking down the trauma from the events is scary. People joke about her being shot, but it’s all fun and games, until it’s close to your home and you have to endure that pain up close.

“I know my mama and my daddy and my granny had to be lookin’ out for me with that one, because where the bullets hit at, they missed everything, but the motherfuckers was in there,” Meg said on IG live.