Drake attempted to trademark “Certified Lover Boy”


attempted to copyright “

In the past, Drake has had the success of trademarking numerous names and brands, including his own. With the help of Lawyer Robert Kleinman, this process hasn't been one of difficulty, until their recent attempt.

Back in February, Kleinman filed an application to trademark “Certified Lover Boy.” The application produced three probable uses for trademark use: , television and live events.

This past April, the trademark application was denied because of “likelihood of confusion.”

Two probable reasons for confusion were stated: Michigan clothing company “Lover's Lane” and the Canadian rock band Loverboy. Both reasons for denial block out the support of Drake's trademark for clothing and entertainment. Lover's Lane registered for the trademark “Loverboy” for some of their clothing, which was too close for the trademark office to sign off on Drake's application.

The blocking of trademarking “Certified Lover Boy” does not stop the release of Drake's forthcoming album, but that does leave the title up for grabs when it comes down to legal matters.

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