Scott Storch knew he’d make Chris Brown a superstar with “Run It”

Scott Storch knew he'd make Chris Brown a superstar with "Run It"

Chris Brown‘s “Run It” turned 15 years old on June 30th. The Scott Storch-produced single is Chris Brown’s introduction to the music industry. It’s also the song that Scott Storch knew he’d make Chris Brown a superstar with.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Storch described what it was like to make music for a almost-16-year-old Chris Brown.

““At that moment in my life, I was literally — and I still consider myself to be on fire, but I was on fire at that moment in my life,” Storch told HipHopDX in an interview. “And he came in, he was just about to turn 16. And I didn’t know how to do anything except make you a hit record. Like, that’s the only thing I could do. I was in there every day, every minute, every hour in the studio. And it was me, Sean Garrett, and we literally, immediately, made something so effortlessly. And I had told him right before we started making it, I was like, ‘I’m about to make you a number one song and you’ll to be a superstar.’”

The single featured Juelz Santana as well. The music climate was completely different in 2005. Scott Storch production credits were at an all-time high. 2005, Storch also gave us 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” single that year.

“I was serious. I was serious. We made it. He cut it. He became a number one smash. You know what I mean? I was with Chris the other night, it’s amazing. We’re still really good friends,” Storch mentioned.

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