Polo G Seemingly Reveals His Gang Affiliation

Polo G Seemingly Reveals His Gang Affiliation

Gangs are in some way part of the hiphop culture. Since the invention of ‘gangster rap’ in the late 80s & early 90s, many rappers haven’t been shy to claim the gangs they come from. We have Snoop Dogg who is known to be a crip, The Game who claims Bloods gang and many more.

Clearly, this generation has witnessed the output of gangster rap much like the 80s & 90s, just with different kinds of beats and flow. Many rappers keep representing their respective gangs even when they are at the peak of their fame.

Polo G, one of the hottest rappers out of Chicago, decided to kill fans’ curiosity by tweeting a well-known Slogan in Chicago gang culture. “….But anyway Gdk”, tweeted Capalot.

GDk is a slogan that stands for ‘gangster disciple killer’. It is used by enemies to the Chicago gang ‘Gangster Disciples’, mainly ‘Black Disciples’, the same gang that Chief Keef is known to be affiliated with.

Presumably, Polo G is indirectly claiming to be affiliated with ‘Black Disciples’. Gangs don’t have any positive outcomes, but rather act as a mechanism of self-destruction in the community. Gangs are the cause of the majority of homicides in many American cities. Despite all the ills that come with gangs, we don’t have a choice but to accept that they have had an impact in the hiphop culture.