Drake was supposed to be a surprise feature on Bryson Tiller’s ‘Trapsoul’ album

Drake was supposed to be a surprise feature on Bryson Tiller's 'Trapsoul' album

Tiller and Drake’s timing didn’t come until five years later

Bryson Tiller sat down with Genius’ Rob Markman to discuss his new album Anniversary, along with his everything that’s happened over the course of the last five years. One take away from the in-depth interview, is Bryson sharing details that Drake was supposed to be featured on his 2015 album, Trapsoul.

“It’s crazy because he was supposed to be on Trap Soul,” Tiller said during the interview. The same way [Outta Time] happened and [Drake] was supposed to be a surprise feature, I wasn’t gonna list him and he was gonna pop up on the album. It’s just dope to come back five years later, full circle.”

Tiller details that Drake wanted to do a “Don’t” remix with him. Drake was also fond of The Sequence. Obviously, these collabs never happen, but here we are five years later with “Outta Time.”

Bryson Tiller said about 8-9 months ago, Tiller and Drake played music for each other in the studio. Tiller was supposed to appear on Drake’s More Life playlist/album, but a not-so-confident, mentally-drained Tiller felt he couldn’t deliver the “proper” verse for a Drake album.

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