What does “Blackball”, “Blackballing” or “Blackballed” mean?

What do rappers mean by “Blackball”, “Blackballing”, or “Blackballed”? What does it mean to be “Blackballed”?

The slang terms “Blackball”, “Blackballing” and “Blackballed” are nouns which is used in rap/hip-hop music by rappers to represent shunning or shutting someone out of the music industry.

Blackball means to shun and exclude from the industry.

Blackballing means to be shuning, excluding, or shutting someone out from the industry.

Blackballed means to be shunned and excluded from the industry.

The terms “Blackball”, “Blackballing”, and “Blackballed” has been used by Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Andre 3000, Nas, Mac Miller, Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz, Pusha-T, Rich Homie Quan, and many more rappers.

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