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Kid Cudi announces ‘Man On The Moon 3’ album

Kid Cudi announces 'Man On The Moon 3' album

Kid Cudi is preparing to drop new album

In 2016, Kid Cudi went on record to explain why Man On The Moon 3 album would never exist. Today, October 26, 2020, Cudi is back on record teasing the third installment.

Cudi’s last full-length project was KIDS SEE GHOSTS with frequent collaborator, Kanye West.

“Guys, you have to realize: I came up with Man on the Moon when I was a young man,” he explained. “People change their vibe!,” Cudi told Billboard in an interview. “We can follow the same template and do the five-act split. Sonically, I’m still going to be where I’m at. Honestly, I was ready to live up to the obligation and do Man on the Moon 3. I haven’t been dicking around. I was planning on doing it after Speedin’ Bullet. But the Speedin’ Bullet response tore me up. It made me realize what’s most important. I’m getting back on the bike again and doing what I do best: me.”