Lil Durk buys girlfriend India property and is working on his album

There have been a lot of give-and-takes on the internet about Birkin bags and relationships. This follows a statement made by Qauvo’s girlfriend Saweetie in a viral video, telling her female fans that they don’t deserve men who can’t buy them Birkin bags. It looks like Lil Durk’s girl has different preferences.

Lil Durk recently took to Twitter revealing that his GF doesn’t consider Birkin bags, she wants property instead. “I just got her property she ain’t want a birkin,” tweeted The Voice.

In another recent tweet, Smurkio has confirmed that his highly anticipated The Voice album is coming soon, saying he’s locked in the studio. “Locked in ima see y’all soon – the voice.” wrote the ‘Viral’ rapper.

Lil Durk has been teasing the project since September and even released the lead single of the same name, ‘The Voice’. He also changed his social usernames from Durkio to ‘The Voice’. This will probably be a major body of work from the Chicago Drill veteran.