King Von Rips Akon For Collaborating With 6ix9ine

King Von is readying to drop his third studio album Welcome To O’Block at midnight. Von has established his career on telling stories about his encounters in the streets in his raps. By now, almost everyone who knows the LeVon James rapper knows that he strictly adheres to the street cred. Clearly, Von doesn’t tolerate snitching or anyone who’s associated with snitches.

A couple of hours ago, King Von hoped on Twitter to clear the load off his chest about Akon working with 6ix9ine. “I’ll never forgive Akon for making that song with that rat ass nigga @Akon yo Usain Bolt ass.” wrote the Chicago Drill rapper.

6ix9ine was featured on the remix to Akon’s 2004 breakout hit ‘Locked Up’ that was included on Tekashi’s ‘Tattle Tales’ album. Akon even went on to defend Tekashi in numerous interviews, claiming the rainbow-hared rapper made a good choice. Evidently, a bigger part of the hip-hop community was not pleased by 6ix9ine’s move, but he still has a few buddies defending his decision to tell.