King Von’s manager breaks down what happened the night Von was killed

King Von

King Von’s manager breaks down Friday night’s events

The unfortunate and untimely demise of King Von is still not one to set in; it’s still new news and it’s very much fresh. There has been a lot of speculation as to what happened early Friday morning (Nov. 6) outside of an Atlanta hookah lounge.

King Von’s manager, 100kmgmt, was one of the victims that got shot. He did an interview with DJ Akademiks and broke down the story of what took place that night. There’s been a lot of speculation and here are some of the facts from the night, as well as the full interview below:

  • Von always travels with 3-4 security guards and moves around in a bulletproof truck
  • The hookah lounge was a spontaneous move made after the album release party
  • Von “wasn’t in the right state of his mind”
  • Manager would put Von’s life in his “guys” hands before he puts it in security’s hands