King Von’s ‘Welcome to O’Block’ is his biggest debut

King Von's 'Welcome to O'Block' is his biggest debut

King Von has successful return on first week numbers

Giving people their flowers while they’re still with us has become vital. This hasn’t always been best practice, but there’s progress. Notably, it’s King Von. Von’s Welcome to O’Block is his biggest debut to date, selling 25K in a week, bringing him to the no. 14 spot in the U.S. He achieved this feat before his untimely demise.

In 2019, Von’s Levon James project debuted at no. 75 on the Billboard 200. With each release, Von has proved that he’s here to stay and improve; there was no limits.

Early Friday morning, around 2AM, the 26 year-old rapper was shot outside an Atlanta hookah lounge and later died from gunshot wounds. The circulation of news throughout the rap community finds us yet again mourning the loss of a young, talented artist with pure potential.

King Von’s first single “Crazy Story” arrived in 2018. DJ of the Chopsquad has literally been instrumental in seeing Von’s potential go up, crafting beats and becoming his go-to producer. Lil Durk, known as Von’s “Twin (listen to “Twin Nem”), posted on Instagram about Von’s death.