NBA YoungBoy says he’s still “in a dark place”


Prayers to and anyone else having a tough time right now

NBA YoungBoy has always been vocal about his struggles this year. Earlier this year, he said he would take time off from the to get himself together. He takes to Instagram to vocalize his current struggles.

“I'm still in a dark place inside my life,” said YB in video. “I'm still hurtin' but I'm still always prayin' though.”

The Top rapper was arrested at the end of September on three charges, including drug possession and stolen firearms charges.

In recent day, as far as we know, NBA YoungBoy's artist was linked in the murder of 26-year-old this past week. The shooting occurred between Von's crew and Quando's. Quando was not the trigger man, but his link to NBA YoungBoy may have YoungBoy a bit stressed out.

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