Polo G Blast Fans Who Hype Up Young People Killing Each Other

Polo G speaks out against fans hyping up killing within the culture, and beyond

Polo G is one of the smartest rappers this generation has to offer. The rapper uses social media to speak his mind, and he often says it the way it is. Capalot grew up in the Northside of Chicago. He is no stranger to the problem of gang violence. The ‘DND’ rapper recently revealed his take on the issue.

Polo went on Twitter to flame fans who hype up beefs, causing them to escalate into deadly rivalries. He went on to explain that people consequently end up willing to die for their respect. “While you sitting safely in yo crib hypin this shit up it’s n****s really willin to die behind they respect & mothers that’s gon struggle with smiling bc they lost they son.” tweeted the self-proclaimed proclaimed GOAT.

Over the years, the hiphop community has lost so many talented rappers to gun violence. From the early days of 2Pac, Biggie and Big L to the present days, news of rappers getting shot have become common. In this internet era, it has become easier for fans to weigh in and take sides whenever rappers are beefing. These feuds easily end up badly. Sadly the repercussions cannot be reversed.

Do you think Polo G is making a point?