Lil Tjay was Reportedly Arrested in New York for Gun and Marijuana Possession

Lil Tjay Gets Surrounded and Searched By Police During a Video Shoot

Lil Tjay busted for gun and marijuana possession

Bronx rapper Lil Tjay couldn’t get away from the feds this time as he was reportedly pulled over in Brooklyn for switching lanes without signaling. According to TMZ, on Wednesday, December 30th, police officers smelled marijuana from the vehicle that Tjay was riding in with four other individuals.

The cops consequently searched the car and found four loaded handguns and large quantities of marijuana. None of them claimed ownership of the items, they were then hit with possession and grand larceny charges. It’s unclear why they are facing the latter charge.

The incident happened four days after the State of Emergency rapper’s music video shoot was busted by police. NYPD claimed that they were responding to a call that there were people waving guns. Lil Tjay and his associates were searched but nothing was found on them and they weren’t charged.

It’s not clear if the rapper is still in custody. Stay tuned for more details.