Lil Durk Says he’ll no longer diss the dead in his music

Lil Durk promises that he’ll no longer disrespect dead people in his music. Taking to Twitter, Smurkio gave his fans word that he will not diss his dead opponents after he drops the deluxe version of The Voice. “I’m done name dropping the dead after my deluxe …in songs only tho,” tweeted the Atlanta-based rapper.

Disrespecting the dead is pretty common within the drill culture in Chicago. Many rappers have name dropped their dead enemies in their songs for a long time. Perhaps Lil Durk, being the self-proclaimed Voice of the Streets, is looking forward to changing the culture for the better.

Lil Durk is having a great moment right now since his album has sold 45k in its second week. It is now at #3 on Billboard Hot 200 Album Chart.