Dababy Arrested in Beverly Hills for Having a Gun; Hits the Studio Afterwards

DaBaby arrested before hitting the studio

On the night of Thursday, January 7, Charlotte rapper Dababy was arrested for carrying a concealed loaded gun while shopping at Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. TMZ broke the news. It is reported that someone called the cops, before they arrived and searched the “Rockstar” rapper.

A footage of the rapper being detained has been making rounds on social media. Moments after the arrest, Baby posted in an Instagram story, a video of him and his crew in the studio.

Just a few days ago, Dababy was released from Florida jail, after being arrested on robbery charges. A promoter organized a birthday concert for Billion Dollar Baby artist Stunna 4 Vegas where Baby agreed to perform for $30k.

The promoter paid $20k and promised to pay up the remaining $10k after the show. Dababy and his entourage allegedly beat and robbed the man before dousing him in apple juice.