Conway The Machine is dropping an album at the end of the month

Conway Machine announces new album is coming, end of January

Griselda Records is filled with some of the hardest working rappers in the game. Built from the cloth of quantity and quality, the guys still show they’re going to put in more work, including Conway The Machine, who announced he’s dropping an album at the end of the month.

Conway dropped his official debut album From King to a God on September 11th of last year. He turned around and added a deluxe on December 18th.

Griselda and BSF’s ‘Conflicted’ soundtrack was dropped off on January 8th. The soundtrack didn’t feature Conway, leaving fans to believe he may be leaving Griselda. Conway said he’s not on the soundtrack or the film because he couldn’t act, but his tweets blurred the lines on whether he’d be leaving the label and crew in the near future. “I have one more album left,” Conway said on Twitter, to someone trying to confirm the rumor.

It looks like we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, his new album is dropping at the end of the month.