Freddie Gibbs says he’d make an album with Pusha T

Imagine: a Freddie Gibbs and Pusha T album

Freddie Gibbs and Pusha T are a couple of rap’s grittiest artists. The content of their music reign similar — in respective regards — but of course they hold their own weights. Freddie took to his Twitter to say that he’d make an album with Push.

After NFR podcast tweeted the possible Versus matchup, Freddie quote tweeted to say, “Fuck a versus. I would make this album tho.

Freddie is coming off an incredible, Grammy-nominated 2020 with his The Alchemist-produced album, Alfredo. As for Push, he’s been working on new music as well, which should be arriving some time this year.

What would a collab album with these two sound like? We’ll just have to wait and see.