Lil Baby Says He has A Lot of Songs with Drake

Lil Baby Says He has A Lot of Songs with Drake

Lil Baby and Drake reportedly have a lot of songs together

Back when Lil Baby featured Drake on ‘”Yes Indeed,” off his debut album Harder Than Ever, it instantly became a mainstream hit. The track peaked at number 6 on Billboard Hot 100, making it Baby’s first top ten hit. Ever since, the two superstars haven’t collaborated except being featured together on Future’s “Life is Good” remix.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Baby revealed that he has a lot of songs with Drake. Referring to a December tweet by DeMarcus Cousins, where he gave a thumbs up to an unreleased Drake and Baby track he heard, Billboard asked the My Turn rapper what fans should expect from the collab. “Me and Drake got a lot of songs together, right? It just so happened that one of the songs I recorded was at James [Harden’s] studio. I ain’t delete the songs out the computer so the songs were still [there]. James probably got the team at the house and they just listening in the studio.” Baby replied, “So when I seen [Boogie’s tweet], I was like, “Damn. How did he hear this song before?” [Laughs] I was like, “James you got some basketball players in there?” That’s how that came out. I don’t even know the song he heard, honestly.” he added.

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