J Dilla recored his ‘Donuts’ album in the hospital


persisted on the creation of ‘Donuts' despite hardship of lupus

J Dilla's untimely death on February 10, 2006 marked a shift in culture. Before his demise, Dilla recorded and released his final album before death, Donuts. The album was released on his 32nd birthday (Feb. 7, 2006).

Donuts was recorded in the hospital, as Dilla underwent treatment for lupus. Dilla also had a rare blood disease: TTP. Dilla recorded using a Boss SP-303 sampler and a portable turntable. His friends from the Stones Throw label brought the turntable to him. Originally, the album came out to 22 minutes and is categorized as a beat tape.

The album — which is full of skits and samples — would go on to be sampled by many artists in the . Despite undergoing treatment for lupus, the late Detroit native was able to comprise a body of work that is beloved by Hip-Hop lovers.

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