Bryson Tiller says his ‘Serenity’ album will be 3 parts: R&B, Rap & Pop

Bryson Tiller released his most-recent album Anniversary on October 2, 2020. Tiller teased that the album would not be his last of the year, but there’s been some delay on his album, titled Serenity.

Tiller gave an update on the album and why it’s been taking some time to finish up. He mentioned not being in the right headspace and the depression being at the forefront of the creative process for blockage. But since he’s been sitting on this music for so long, we’re in for more music than ever.

“I realized how much fucking music that I had for Serenity, all this different shit,” he said while going live. “So, Serenity is now not one album, but it’s three albums. It’s three volumes. One is a rap album, one is an R&B album and then one is a pop album.”

There’s still no official release date on this album, but, we can be very hopeful of a release some time before the year is up. The only issue with the release is his label situation. Tiller is having some difficulties with his RCA contract.

“Until I figure out the shit for my deal, with my label and all that shit, the business side, I can’t necessarily give that,” he said. “That’s the only thing holding those projects back.”