Benny The Butcher Talks About the Delay of Drake Collab; “… It’s all about timing”


speaks on the timing of the collaboration

Benny The Butcher and Drake have been teasing their combined effort since late , and as fans anticipate for the record, Benny has been teasing the collab every now and then. In a recent interview with Big Facts Podcast, the rapper explains the delay of the joint. He confirms that it is complete and that it'll arrive sometime in the , with the timing factor in consideration.

“It's hard, but it's really not that hard,” Benny explains. “It's like this, it's like, levels, you know what I'm saying? I wanna—sh*t, it's a record from Drake. I want it to work out…” One of the hosts brought up the word “maximize” and he agreed. “Exactly. It's a build-up thing. It's not just about getting it and throwing it up, and it's about timing. That's motherf*ckin' Drake, Aubrey Graham. So, even if you got a record with that n*gga, you can't just throw it out. You gotta get ready when he ready, too. It's all that type of sh*t so, you know what I mean, it's just whenever.”

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“How we were saying about the followers and all that a few minutes ago, I'm appreciative of n*ggas like that who just not reaching out to n*ggas who just got—'cause he could work with anybody… I'm appreciative of that,” he continued. “To be honest with you, even if them sh*ts never came out, the conversations that we had…I know that he a guy who respects my flow and I respect his and what he's done in , so it's about that. But I can't wait for this motherf*ckin record.”

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