TDE’s Engineer MixedByAli Shares Some Details About the Making of Kendrick Lamar’s Next Album


speaks on 's creative process

Kendrick Lamar's next album is one of the most anticipated but, information about it has been very scarce and rarely available. In a new interview by Natasha from Complex, 's and Kendrick's go-to engineer MixedByAli talked about what fans should expect of the album.

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The producer explained that the Compton lyricist has maintained his work ethic, and has been working hard expressing himself in the most creative way than ever. “I would say, every album that he has dropped since Good Kid has come with a different feeling so just look forward to Kendrick obviously expressing himself in the most creative way– the most highest of the creative way,” said MixedByAli.

He added, “How he works, I've never seen it before. The recording process, the thought process of piecing an album together and sequencing it. Things like that is what keeps guys like me great. Watching his work ethic… You would expect someone like Kendrick to be at home and sitting back– nah, he still comes in on time and is punctual.”

On Wednesday (April 14), it marked four years since K-Dot's last album Damn was released. It's not quite clear if the highly-anticipated album will hit the shelves and services this year. MixedByAli didn't confirm that either, but he hinted that Kendrick's fifth studio album could be dropping soon. “It might, it might, you never know,” he said. “I mean, sh*t.”

Stay tuned as we will keep you posted about Kendrick Lamar's next album.

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