Lil Wayne has Charted on Billboard Hot 100 Chart Every Year Since 2004

Lil Wayne has Charted on Billboard Hot 100 Chart Every Year Since 2004

Lil Wayne’s Billboard milestone is still going

It’s safe to say that Lil Wayne is living the dream of many artists. The New Orleans icon has managed to stay relevant for two decades, and there are no signs of him falling off anytime soon.

On May 10, Weezy F cracked the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time in 2021, thanks to DJ Khaled’s “Thankful” that debuted at number 100. The track is from We The Best Music boss’ album Khaled Khaled that featured Jeremy and the “Uproar” rhymer. This also marked Wayne’s 17th year consecutively charting on Hot 100.

The last time Tunechi failed to enter the charts was in 2003. Ever since installing his much-adored Tha Carter series in 2004, the hugely talented lyricist has been a staple on the Billboard charts. It’s worth noting that the multi-platinum artist has entered the charts for 21 years out of 22 since his career began in 1999. Kanye West is the only rapper who has surpassed Wayne, as he has entered the Hot 100 every year since 2003.

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Lil Wayne’s contribution to the rap culture is unmatched. He has been one of the hardest-working rappers the game has ever had. His legendary mid-2000s mixtape run and impressive album rollout confirmed his ability to make quality and quantity mix well. His witty metaphors and similes have placed him in his own league.

In an interview with HipHopDX, up-and-coming rapper Calboy opened up about the advice he got from Wayne concerning longevity, during the video shoot for their collab “Miseducation.”

“What I got from Wayne was to outwork everybody,” Calboy explained. “I talked to Wayne about it at the video shoot, and that’s what he told me. He’s like, ‘Bro, just outwork everybody. Everybody doing what they do, but nobody works harder than me. That’s how I stayed relevant for so long because nobody works harder than me. We’re in the studio for days. We don’t go home, no shower, no nothing. We in there rapping. And there’s so much on a man brain you could rap all day.’”

Lil Wayne might be looking forward to more Billboard chart entries this year as he is planning to deliver I’m not a Human Being 2 album later in the year. The project was first announced by DJ Khaled on No Ceilings 3 that dropped last year.