Snoop Dogg and DMX’s VERZUZ Sparked the Making of ‘Exodus’ Album


's album was inspired by battle against

As the world awaits DMX's posthumous album, , unveils more details surrounding the forthcoming album.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Swizz, X's long-time buddy and producer, noted that last year's VERZUZ battle between Snoop Dogg and DMX sparked the late rapper to work on his .

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“When he did Verzuz and went to the next level, because he's see the people still had love for him,” Swizz Beatz explained. “A lot of artists, they don't really know how the people feel about them. People can see you in the street, but wise and how is that appreciation. Yeah. You want to take a picture, but do you really mess with me?”

Swizz went on to explain that once X saw his music back to following the VERZUZ, the Ruff Ryders legend was even more encouraged. “All his songs go to number one,” he continued. “He seen everything chart again. I showed him all of it. Then he was just pumped up. He was like the only thing I don't like about my Verzuz is I wasn't able to do something new. I want to give all of these people that's looking at me something new immediately. That's when that's the album started.”

Meanwhile, as we anticipate for X's new album, stream the first single off the album, “Hood Blues,” featuring , released on Tuesday (May 25).

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