What does “Jump/Jumped off the porch” mean?

What does “Jump/Jumped off the porch ” mean?

What does it mean to “Jump off the porch” or to have “Jumped out the porch“?

The slang terms and phrases “Jump off the porch” and “Jumped off the porch” are adjectives which are used to represent getting involved in the street life and hustling.

Jump off the porch means to start hustling in the streets.

Jumped off the porch means to have started hustling in the streets.

The slang terms “Jump off the porch” or “Jumped off the porch” has been used by Lil Wayne, Future, Lil Baby, Quavo, Gunna, King Von, Yelawolf, Lil Keed, Young Nudy, and many more rappers.

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