What does “Trife” or “Trifling” mean?

What does “Trife" or "Trifling" mean?

What does it mean to be “Trifling” or to be “Trife”?

The slang terms “Trife” and “Trifling” (also spelled Triflin’) are adjectives which are used to describe something or someone that is rough, ruthless, troublesome, or gross.

Trife means ruthless, troublesome, or disgusting.

Trifling means to be Ruthless, troublesome, or disgusting.

When someone is being nasty they are being trifling.

The slang terms “Trife” and “Trifling” has been used by Kendrick Lamar, Nas, DaBaby, Lil Durk, Yo Gotti, Offset, Tory Lanez, Lil Yachty, DBoy, Mick Jenkins, and many more rappers.

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