Chance The Rapper’s ‘Magnificent Coloring World’ Concert Film Hits Theaters on August 13

Chance The Rapper's 'Magnificent Coloring World' Concert Film Hits Theaters on August 13

Chance The Rapper’s ‘Magnificent Coloring World’ premieres exclusively at AMC theaters

Chance The Rapper is making his film debut with his concert film, “Magnificent Coloring World,” which premieres exclusively at select AMC theaters across America on August 13. Chance took to Instagram Tuesday (August 3) to fling the release date back onto the top of his fans’ minds. 

The movie was shot during his 2017  ‘Magnificent Coloring World’ tour at a secret show that Chance held in Chicago with a few selected fans, soon after he won three Grammy awards. The final cut of the film is made up of footage taken from three separate occasions. Chance will also be the first music artist to independently partner with AMC for a film. 

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“Magnificent Coloring World” film is a celebration of Chance’s independent album, Coloring Book. Through the project, the rapper took home three Grammy trophies. He won the best new artist, best song performance with “No problem” feat 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, and best rap album awards. Coloring Book is also the first independent album to win a Grammy. 

Recently speaking to CBS, Chance explained why he chose to take the theater way over the streaming way with concert film. “There’s just something different about going to see something in theaters, instead of watching it in your bed or whatever,” he explained. “I always knew that I wanted this to be experienced in a group and on a huge screen with crazy surround sound.”