Wendy Williams was offered the DJ spot for Salt-N-Pepa before DJ Spinderella auditioned

Before DJ Spinderella auditioned and became a DJ and member of Sant-N-Pepa, the spot was offered to then-unknown Wendy Williams, who was a radio personality in Washington, DC for AMWOL before she got on Television and became a TV Personality.

Wendy Williams revealed she was offered the position for the DJ spot on her show, The Wendy Williams Show. Watch below. “Before DJ Spinderella came along to DJ for Salt-N-Pepa they asked me to be the Spinderella.” Wendy Williams started.

“I was 21 and a half years old, I was a DJ in Washington, D.C. on AMWOL.. Salt-N-Pepa had Tramp… So they came to town and they came on the young girl’s DJ show of the station. Salt, Pepa, and Hurby, at the time their manager, they talked about me. Hurby came up to me afterwards and said, ‘Me and the girls was talking and we wanted to know if you wanted to be our DJ.’” says Wendy Williams.

“I decided to say thank you for the invitation but I have to follow my true dream, and here i am on television” – Wending Williams concluded. The spot was eventually given to DJ Spinrella who auditioned.

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