Sole adult suspect in Pop Smoke’s murder case reportedly did not order his accomplices to shoot anyone

Legal defense of the only adult suspect in Pop Smoke’s killing wants murder charges dismissed

The 20-year-old and sole adult suspect in Pop Smoke’s murder case, Corey Walker, claims he didn’t tell his teenage accomplices to shoot anyone and wants murder charges dismissed. Walker’s lawyer, Christopher Darden, argues that the defendant even “assaulted” the 15-year-old suspect who was the shooter after the incident. 

According to Rolling Stone, court documents from the Friday (October 15) hearing in Los Angeles show that Darden’s filing stated that his client “did not share the actual killer’s intent to kill” and had warned the other suspects from using the firearm which he was aware of, but instead use a vase if things went left. 

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“It is clear from the evidence that [Walker] did not enter the house, was not armed, and did not personally kill the victim. Moreover, the evidence is clear that the defendant did not share the actual killer’s intent to kill,” read the filing.

Darden’s motion further points out that the murder weapon in Pop Smoke’s killing did not belong to Walker.  “[Walker] was only aware of one weapon. There is nothing in the record to indicate this defendant knew that more than one weapon was going to be taken inside the house. And there is nothing to indicate that the weapon used in the killing was the heat this defendant provided to a suspect,” Darden wrote.

In an interview with Rolling Stone after the hearing on Friday, Darden revealed that there are ongoing negotiations with prosecutors. “We’re just beginning. We’re nowhere near close,” he said. “God willing, we will perhaps have a resolution soon. We all realize my client didn’t kill anybody.”